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I am a mobile developer specialising in iOS. I have been building great things since '09.

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SSAO and Deferred Rendering in XNA

This is my implementation of Screen Space Ambient Occlusion and Deferred rendering in XNA and HLSL. The SSAO technique employed is based on Crytek's Crysis SSAO shader and the article in Wolfgang Engel's book, ShaderX 7.<br/> <br/> The application renders the scene depth, pixel colour and pixel normal value into textures in one shader using multiple render targets. The SSAO term is then calculated from the depth texture, and lighting is calculated from the depth and normal textures.<br/> <br/> These are then combined into the final image of the scene.

HLSL Parallax Occlusion Mapping Shader

Using HLSL, C++ and DirectX, this demo implements Parallax Occlusion Mapping.

HLSL Water Shader with Post Processing

This Demo uses C++, DirectX and the DXUT gui to implement my previous RenderMonkey water shader and expand it by adding postprocess effects to simulate the effects of light being refracted through the raid drops on the camera lens.

Water Shader Rendermonkey

Using RenderMonkey, this shader combines dot product3 normal mapping, vertex deformation based on a vertex texture displacement map, phong model specular lighting and environment mapped reflections/refractions.