Owen Worley, Mobile Developer

I am a mobile developer specialising in iOS. I have been building great things since '09.

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Nike Training Club (NTC)

I worked for 3 months at AKQA as an iOS Contractor to help deliver the next version of Nike Training Club (4.3). I helped to support Right-to-left localisation (hebrew and arabic) and re-factor and re-engineer key components of the app to improve future maintainability and stability

Jim Henson's Chatterzoo

I worked on chatterzoo while working for Mindshapes Ltd. It is an educational game for children created in Unity.

Dino Snap

I created dino snap while working for worldweaver ltd. It is a card game with dinosuars. SNAP!

blinkbox Books

I created the iOS app for blinkbox Books, an ePub reader for iOS7+. The source is now available at github.com/blinkboxbooks

My Story World

I worked as part of the team developing My Story World for iPad, a content delivery platform for educational stories and activities for kids.

Sid the Science Kid: Slide to the Side

I worked on the gameplay and back-end engine programming for the Slide to the Side appisode. Designed for iPad and based on the successful Sid the Science Kid franchise created by the Jim Henson Company, Sid's Slide to the Side is an educational app combining reading, video and learn & play mechanics to teach children about friction.

Fleetman Bridge Trainer

I created the HLSL powered water shader used by Fleetman BT, an application used to train captains to correctly dock their ships. The shader models realistic waves and ripples influenced by geographical region, weather and ocean depth.